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Refectory dining, in The Annunciation’s monthly popup restaurant!

TL:DR VERSION: Sunday roasts, friendship and fun, in a beautiful setting.


What’s this then?

We’ll be serving up Sunday roasts in The Annunciation’s pop-up restaurant every fourth Sunday in the month at 2pm; one kind of meat option, with a vegan option as well, followed by pudding. The tables will be arranged like a college refectory, rather than a restaurant, and diners will serve themselves (and one another) from abundant bowls of roasties, cauliflower cheese, yorkshire puds, you get the idea. The idea is to shake it up a bit when it comes to eating out, by allowing people to sit beside others they haven’t met before, rather than at individual tables. Refectory dining sounds like a bit of an ostentatious concept, but we think it might be more fun and friendly to make it a bit of a family gathering amongst people from the local community.

Lunch will be served promptly at 2pm and diners will be free to spend as much time as they like chatting after pudding.

How do I get involved?

Simply send a message on the contact form on this website. Paypal information will be provided, and once you’ve paid up front (so we can keep an eye on numbers to prevent food waste) you’re all booked in. See you there!



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